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Judo Tackle


For all ages

A highly physical martial art, judo training involves throwing and grappling techniques. Judo is an Olympic sport and has spawned a number of other martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga. JJT is a member of the Korean Judo Association in the U.S., an organization recognized by the International Judo Federation. 

We have Judo classes for kids as well as adults. Junior Judo classes cater to young fighters aged 5-12 years, while Teen & Adult program is for teens and adults.

JJT is home to students who compete on a national level, bringing home medals from multiple different national championships across the U.S. Competition is not required, but is  always a welcome way for students to set goals and gain insight into their skills. It’s also a great way for high school students to add to their college applications. 

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