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Why Us?

Our mission

Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo’s mission is to provide world-class martial arts instruction in a supportive environment that fosters each student’s growth.

Our Certifications

Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo (JJT) is certified by Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) for its Taekwondo program and affiliated with Korea Judo Association for its Judo program.

Kukkiwon is the official Taekwondo governing organization established by the South Korean government in 1973. It administers the Poom-Dan Promotion Test, which measures a trainee’s commitment to personal growth in Taekwondo. The rank you receive from the Kukkiwon can be taken to any Taekwondo school. Certificates issued by Kukkiwon are held in high esteem. Taekwondo practitioners who wish to compete in the Olympics and other major competitions around the world must have a Kukkiwon certification to even be considered.

Korea Judo Association is affiliated with International Judo Federation, the organization that establishes rules for international judo competitions, and supervises the awarding of grades, including dan ranks.

Our Style

We teach Kukkiwon-style Taekwondo, or what most people refer to as World Taekwondo (formerly World Taekwondo Federation) or Olympic-style Taekwondo. You will learn all blocks, strikes, kicks, and forms associated with this style of Taekwondo, and receive an international Black Belt certificate by Kukkiwon upon completion of our program.

Master Jeon, who is our founder and lead Judo instructor, teaches Olympic-style Judo. Respect, honesty, self-control, friendship, courtesy, honor, courage, and modesty - the eight values of the Judo moral code are taught to every judoka from the first time they enter our dojo.

Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo's Taekwondo masters have decades of experience to bring adherence to strict standards. Our students therefore can compete locally or on the international stage depending on their personal goals.

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