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See what our students say about us

Master Jeon is masterful at teaching children so many life lessons. He is an excellent Taekwondo instructor, and a great motivator. His approach allows students to progress steadily in a fun atmosphere. His foundation is respect, humility, perseverance, self control, and most importantly, honesty. My child always looks forward to attending his classes!

Baron Williams, parent of 5 year old Taekwondo student

I have been practicing judo at Jeon's Judo for about a year. I cannot do justice to how much I enjoy the classes. Master Jeon's instruction is patient yet technical and there is a varied group of players from all walks of life. The adult group of judokas are very close and will occasionally go to dinner after class as a group -- just a great group of people! You can proceed with the instruction at your own pace. There are beginners and more advanced players and the players' ages range from 14 to 60 years. We have a number of BJJ practitioners who train to supplement their ground skills with judo techniques. Every now and then a visiting judoka will drop by to train. Once a month we cross-train with another judo group out of Alpharetta and a number of the players have started going to tournaments to test themselves in competition. It's just a great environment for physical fitness, camaraderie and competition. Master Jeon has an open door policy so if anyone is ever thinking about trying it out, they should drop by. I look forward to seeing you there!

Peter Schoenthaler, adult Judo student

JJT is a great place to learn Teakwondo. My son is in the Teens group and he is enjoying these classes since last year and a half. Master Jeon is great in teaching skills and makes all children so comfortable. My son really enjoys all classes and looks forward to growing more each day. We are so happy we chose JJT. Thank you!

Kartik & Aparna Pandya, parents of teen Taekwondo student

Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo is an awesome place that teaches everything precisely. My son does taekwondo here, and he has attended a little more than a year and a half. He is currently in the teen class, and he enjoys it. Also, he has increased in leadership, confidence, caring, and respect.

Jiyun Jung, parent of 11 year old Taekwondo student

As a seasoned mixed martial artist (practitioner, coach, and amateur fighter), I am very picky about where I train. I have spent over 25 years training in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I have been coaching for over a decade. From this experience, I can say with complete confidence that Master Jeon is the real deal. I started Judo about six months ago to enhance my grappling ability, and I was struck immediately by the level of detail and attention he gives via his instruction in class. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to martial arts, he presents the subject in a way that's easy to build on and understand. The classes allow you to train at a level of intensity you feel comfortable with and develop at your own pace. The environment is very friendly, the classes are competitive in the most constructive way, and every member of the class is helpful and encouraging. I can't recommend Jeon's Judo Taekwondo enough. Whether you want a fun way to get in better shape (we've had members lose over thirty pounds in half a year) or compete (many of us travel and win in national tournaments), this is a great place to take those first steps in your journey.

Curtis Estes, adult Judo student

My 15 year old son Sean, has been taking Judo classes with Master Jeon for almost 6 months now. From the very beginning there was an obvious change with my son’s behavior; he was suddenly more respectful, studious and cooperative. He has since become so motivated to succeed with everything especially school. The teachings of Master Jeon and all of the positive influence from Sean’s fellow classmates have been extremely constructive. The environment is the reflection of a purposeful community. I am very satisfied and looking forward to seeing continued personal growth with Sean.

Gerty Jean-Louis, parent of teen Judo student

My son has been going to Taekwondo class for just about a year now. During this time he become very confident, knows how to defend himself, follows the instructions and shows respect to surrounding people. I am very pleased with Master Jeon’s teaching method and I can see a positive impact on my son. Highly recommend to anyone!

Alisher Makhmudov, parent of 6 year old Taekwondo student

Santiago has been doing Taekwondo since August 2020, he has learned a lot and he is very happy and motivated. He has more discipline now and he is conscious about always defense, never attack. Master Jeon is a great teacher and his values and discipline are great, he knows how to engage the kids and teach them respect. We are very happy to have found Jeon's Taekwondo.

Adelaida, parent of 8 year old Taekwondo student

Both my kids and I are students of Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo. The most important thing for us in choosing an academy for our kids was whether or not the master would create an environment of enthusiasm that would enable our boys to learn with a sense of motivation and passion. We have been at the school for over two years now and my boys continue to enjoy TKD. My boys also motivated me to try something new, so I joined judo about 6 months ago, and while my body gets bruised here and there, it’s an amazing sport with an even greater group of people. I look forward to the challenges I face, knowing that my fellow judokas are always here to help us excel. Couldn’t have found a better school.

Eddie Lee, adult Judo student; parent of 6 & 8 year old Taekwondo students

I have been a student of Master Jeon’s for almost a year now. I originally sought out Judo as a way to supplement my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. As a result of Master Jeon’s coaching, I have come to love and appreciate Judo as an art itself. Master Jeon utilizes Judo as a tool to challenge each student to grow and improve both physically and emotionally. Mutual respect and structure are the cornerstone of Master Jeon’s philosophy, however there’s always room for humor and joking. In fact, Master Jeon Does an incredible job cultivating a familial environment and I have developed wonderful friendships as a result. I have appreciated his instruction so much that I brought my 12 year old daughter to begin Judo lessons. I wholeheartedly endorse this school and appreciate all that training with Master Jeon has done for both myself and my daughter. If you are considering training in either taekwondo or Judo you owe it to yourself to seek out Master Jeon.

David Goldstein, adult Judo student; parent of 12 year old Judo student

Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo is an incredible place to train. I found JJT after searching for somewhere to continue grappling after high school and college wrestling. Judo seemed like a great continuation of that. From the first visit, Jeon was very welcoming and eager to teach me all that judo has to offer. He is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, having competed as a judo player at the collegiate and international level in Korea prior to his move to the US. On top of his experience, he is a gifted teacher and very patient and kind. Moreover, the actual judo club members are just as welcoming. They immediately welcomed me and all new members into the club and were quick to include me in practice and conversations before and after class. Also, the club offers the opportunity (but not the obligation) to compete. If you desire to compete in judo, the club competes at different tournaments in the region every few months. However, I have never seen Jeon urge anybody to compete if they do not want to. Long story short, JJT is a great place to train if you wish to continue and hone your grappling, or to start completely from scratch and experience all that Judo has to offer. Great instructor, great people, great value. I completely recommend Jeon’s Judo Taekwondo!

Matthew Gruba, adult Judo student

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